Our Story
The first steps of our entire adventure started with Norm Holding,
which was established in 1973.
Who is Norm Holding?

We operate in 9 different countries, national and international, with more than 4,000 employees, 24 companies, 20 production, and 15 sales and logistics centers in the field of fasteners, marketing and trade, technology, additive manufacturing, tooling and sheet metal forming, machining, chemistry, machinery and automation, hot forging, agriculture and food industry.

Who is Norm Digital?

It was established within Norm Holding, which adopts the culture of continuous improvement and takes important and big steps for this, acting with the vision of to be a global company that pursues.

Our Mission

Focusing on sustainable and profitable growth in all our activities by creating permanent value in order to provide technological solutions that facilitates the lives of businesses by rising above the universal technological values with Norm’s values.

Our Vision

To be a reliable international company that guides the digital transformation of businesses with an analytical and normative perspective.

We make difference for our customer
We believe in the power of the team
We constantly improve our
norms and ourselves
We act fairly and respectfully
We add value to society and the environment
Get information and updates that will help you
implement technology into your products